A Soldier of the Queen

by | Nov 3, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I met Peter yesterday
In Brighton on our D Day
His news shocked me to the core
About the cost of the Falklands War

Not the money, but the important thing
Is the human cost: the result that war brings
Over 300 men took committed suicide!
Those men could have still been alive

I know what suicide does to the lives
Of the parents, the children, the wives
“If only I’d listened” is the refrain
Which echoes back from deep in their brain

Oh my God the pain!
Such a deep indelible pain
Those memories play again
Again and again and again

And we don’t help do we?
When we see those men on the street?
We shuffle our feet
Hurrying by, tout suite

I know what it’s like
When you see horror and disgust on your face
I dare you to look at that man in the street
They are soldiers of the Queen
Much braver than you’ll ever be


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