A Soldier’s Epitaph

by | Dec 28, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

If in this land of sand swept winds, and searing heat
It should be that my life ends, my duty done,
Do not leave me here with those that caused my death.
Bring me home to rest in gentle sunshine, rain or snow,
And i will sleep content in this my native earth.

I will sleep the sweeter knowing that
My wife and children will be treated well,
Your promises kept, no more to tell.
But should you fail me, your words just idle chat,
Spun by spin doctors to enhance your power.

Beware ! The next oppressed people to be freed,
May be those that you deceived.
And you in turn hunted down,
Toppled from your tainted throne, with stolen crown.
Then once more i will sleep in peace again.


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