A Soldiers goodbye

by | Jul 13, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Do not cry for me.
If you must, cry for those I left behind.
For I am a professional, and this is inherent in my profession.
I did what I did in the knowledge
That as I dealt it so it may be dealt.

And I did it in the company
Of the best human beings, I could have hoped to meet.
I was not a pressed man,
This was the life I chose and I have no regrets.

I’d prefer no maudlin sentiment
Silent homage if you must.
Rather remember me as you live your life
In peace and security.

Although again do not imagine
I saw myself as a sacrifice to some political creed
My comrades understand
I was part of the whole

And it will go on without me
As it has without so many others before me
We are all over the globe. In serried ranks,
Name somewhere we are there. Marked and unmarked.

My parents, wife and children sleep safely in their beds,
And incidentally so do yours
So do not cry for me
I was never so alive in my life before.

Perhaps more importantly
Is that from Basra to Helmand.
Normandy to the Arakan.
Ypres or the Marne.
Mafeking, or Omdurman.
Corruna or Plassy.

No matter how long ago. Whether clad in red or green.
I will be remembered by my own.


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