A Soldiers last thought

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I snake along this soiled land
my gun and photo in my hand
i hear them closing my enemy
its time to die this i see

There is no escape for me today
god is nearing he is on his way
to take my hand and lead me home
i am ready now for im not alone

I never thought this day would come
never again to hold my son
to kiss my wife and to mum say goodbye
so i gently whisper do not cry

I stand up tall my head held high
im a British soldier not affriad to die
in vain my death shall never be
i fought and died not just for my country
but for freedom,love,family and pride

So when your children laugh and play
and you speak your mind and have your say
know that i did my job the way i should
and gave you freedom with blood and love


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