A Soldiers Mum

by | Apr 5, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Motherhood is a very demanding role
Through the changing phases of life
For some a sudden transformation
As they are getting used to being a Wife
But there is one thing ever certain
That as soon as the children are born
That there may be many occasions
When your heart strings will be tattered and torn
The childhood days they quickly fly
They are not children for long
But rapidly rushing through teenage years
To adulthood fit and strong
Whatever they do wherever they go
Your Motherly watch you’ll keep
And any time there’s a hint of danger
Then your night’s may be deprived of sleep
With your loving Family around you
There’ll come a time when a child will leave
And look what the world has to offer
What role in life will they achieve
A Military life is often the choice of lads
With a spirit of adventure on their mind
The thoughts of world –wide travel
Wondering what mysterious places they might find
For this is all covered in the life of a soldier
Who knows not where his path of life may lead
Although some of their tasks are horrendous
Others are a great pleasure indeed
On the one hand their role may be to keep the Peace
Or assist Nature’s disaster victims to survive
Tsunami, Earthquake or flooding
Assisting these poor souls to stay alive
So worry not all you Mothers
Cast your cares and your doubts to one side
For a Soldiers life is the one he chose
To serve his Queen and Country with pride.


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