A soldiers pledge

by | Jul 23, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Wherever we must go
Whatever we must do
My brother’s in arms I promise
I’ll always stand beside you

I’ll face the dangers you face
Keep you safe from harm
I’ll guard you as you rest your heads
When all about seems calm

When the enemy is closing in
I’ll help keep them at arms length
Then we’ll send those bastards packing
Together with our strength

Should one of our brothers fall
I will share his pain like you
For the honour we’ll hold for our brothers
Helps each one of us through

We’re all in this together
Brother’s in arms far from home
And knowing we all stand together
Not one of us is ever alone

My Brother’s I salute you
For you are all my friends
I’m proud to stand beside you all
United ‘til the end


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