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Dear god if you are listening
Please make this war end
Replace fighting and killing
Turn enemies to friend

Dear god if you hear me
I am calling to you
The voice of a young soldier
Not yet twenty two

Dear god if you are looking
I just turn twenty one
All around there is crying
I am not ready to be a man

Dear god if you can see me
Alone and afraid
As I walk to the beat
Of a soldiers parade

Dear god if you are feeling
Please take my hand
As blood flows red
And crimson the sand

Dear god if you can touch me
Please cradle my head
I know I am dying
It’s my blood that bled

Dear god ever loving
Please comfort your son
The battle is over
And no one has won

Dear god if you love me
Please stay by my stead
Send angels to fetch me
This soldier is dead


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