A soldier’s return

by | Nov 20, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

A soldier’s return
Fighting hard in World War 1
Great battles against the Hun
But this was to be the one
The very last one

A soldier’s return
Fighting hard again in World War 2
So many more battles that did ensue
So many lives lost in World War 2
The Nazis they persecuted the Jews
How much more can the world loose

A soldier’s return
For this is to be a cold one
It will go on for years
The whole of Europe will be in tears
For East faces West
Each other they will detest

A soldier’s return
Please god not another one
The Serbs will fight the Croats
And the Croats will fight the Serbs
A war which knows no bounds
Just dead bodies left on the ground

A soldier’s return
For this will be a hot one
A dictator we must fight
We are told that this fight is right
Turns out that is just shite

A soldier’s return
Another hot one
But this is a war on terrorism
Where your foe will give no quarter
They just carry on with the slaughter

A soldier’s return
When will our work ever be done?
For we have been fighting now since World War 1


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