A Soldier’s Soul

by | Oct 8, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

The silhouette of a soldier lingers in the theatre of war
Wandering aimlessly searching for friends once lost
Tears of sorrow glisten on his grubby blood spattered cheeks
Hollow darkened eyes penetrating deep into the distance

Rivers of blood once flowed through the now empty battlefields
Souls of the warriors spirits hang heavy in the mist burdened air
The desolate fields of blood drenched soil loom before you
The stench of death fills the deserted gloomy barren land

Barbed wire lays abandoned by its once captive corpse
Torn broken bodies released from their agonising pain
Scarred wastelands a desolate grave to our fallen heroes
Endlessly reminding us of the gruesome war

Out of the gruesome darkness his lost soul crosses the path of death
His endless bleak journey nearing its gloomy end
Following the radiant light in the distance guiding him on his way
Free from the shadows of his past and the battlefields below


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