A Soldier’s wish

by | Sep 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

It was told in the news today
A brave soldier sadly died
Thoughts and prayers go to his family
To his comrades who stood by his side

They will mourn the loss of their loved one
Their comrade and their friend
And his memory will live on for always
Deep in their heart, because love never ends

Once the mourning is over
Their soldier will wish they’d move on
For in spirit he’ll always be with them all
Each and every one

He will wish for a celebration
Of his life that they once shared
For he’ll always be that brave soldier
Still the man for whom they cared

He’ll wish they’d remember the good times
All the laughter, all the fears
Remember what he brought to them
Throughout his waking years

Their soldier will then look down on them
From the stars so high above
He’ll watch his loved ones celebrate his life
Then smile because he knew he was loved

Finally he will rest in peace
Knowing the ones he loved so true
Celebrated his life in style
The wish he made came true


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