A Soldiers Wish

by | Feb 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I walked into the NAAFI bar, I saw them all around
The youngest of them bladdered by the beer that he had downed
I walked about from group to group listening to their chat
They talked about the old days with Danny Bill and Pat

I took a seat and leaned right back I felt the saddened air
I felt their sorrow oozing from the roots of every hair
I sat and listened to them all, I laughed at all their tales
I sat and watched them laughing as they drank their many ales

I watched them all that afternoon like any father would
I saw the boss come in for one not just because he should
He joined the lads to show respect as he’s done before
To say goodbye to those he loved killed in bloody war

He stood there proudly saying his words, he really did us proud
He talked about their Sergeant with a pint up on his cloud
We gave three cheers we wiped the tears we even hugged a little
The daily fight of life and death out here is very brittle

Then wisely he said to them “come on lads that’s enough”
If he were here right now he’d say “enough’s a bloody nough”
How right he was indeed I would have said that very phrase
I was always glad we had a boss who everybody praised

One by one they left the bar, the gathering was done
I got to my feet and headed out into that burning sun
And as I ducked outside the door I went to stand up straight
But standing there in front of me was Billy my best mate.

He stood there staring straight at me as if he saw me there
Then in a voice so soft and proud he said to me with care
“They loved you mate just like a dad, just like their own at home
We never will forget you, wherever we may roam”.

I stood there in dumb silence, I couldn’t say a word
I felt the tears come surging and soon my eyes were blurred
Cos stopping momentarily with one last teary look
He gave the finest tribute, a beautiful salute

I watched Bill walk away right then and called my god to me
I gave my thanks and asked him for a final sight to see
He said “if one wish I give to you, what then would it be”
“No more wars” I said to him “for all eternity”


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