A special friend

by | Sep 20, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

It is to you, this message I send,
Thank you, for being my friend.
I wouldn’t have you any other way,
You always have kind words to say.
When im down and feeling blue,
The one to cheer me up is you.
Always there when I need you, you’re never far,
A special friend, that you are.
In times of sorrow, you lend a hand,
You always seem to understand.
You’re always honest, always true,
There’s no other friend I have like you.
You always call me on the phone,
And leave a message if im not home.
We have great fun when were together,
I want us to be friends forever.
It’s nice to have a friend that cares,
It’s nice to have a friend that shares.
All I have, to you I would give,
My friend it’s you, I love to be with.


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