A Tesco melon.

by | Jun 4, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Racing green, flecked with lemon,
leaden, leathery to the touch.
Oval like a rugby ball.
Press the ends and feel for give,
telling you that it is ripe.

There’s enough to split it up
into six delicious portions.
Serve it chilled, not icy cold.

Scrape away the slippery seeds.
Slice the flesh above the skin.
Cut it into mouth sized segments
which display its creamy colour,
oozing out its honeyed juice.

Start to eat and taste the nectar;
succulent, smooth, melting fruit;
subtle smell of sparkling dew.
It’s as if you’ve gone to heaven.

When you’ve finished, lick your lips.
Collecting any surplus pips,
throw the skin into the bin
and that’s the end of Tesco’s melon.


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