A Theory on Origin

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

From time immemorial to this present day,
It’s mans quest to find, his origin some way
From Darwinian theories, to alien makes
Evolving from Apes or fish in the lakes

One theory I have, is that us all, with respect,
Are part of an experiment by a super intellect,
A planet was chosen, the atmosphere right,
To sustain life, they need water, heat and light,

They visited Earth, to plant DNA,
Then sat back a while, to come what may,
The first go they had, at playing with life,
Was amoeba and dinosaurs and great flying kites

Very soon their size, proved to be flawed,
And into extinction the Tyrannosaurus roared,
The next go they had, produced basic man,
A Neanderthal being, with a short life span,

Many times they visit, to get their updates,
Sometimes abductions, to measure the rates
Gradually evolving into present day man,
Walking tall, thinking, in control of the plan,

We think we know about, religion and Soul,
Was Christ’s DNA altered to guide us all?
His body’s not been found to this present day
Too dangerous to unravel, so they took him away

So why do we find on Egyptian tomb walls,
Strange drawings of craft adorning the halls,
Of 3,500 confirmed UFO sightings,
And Area 51, what are the Americans hiding?

Why have we found no missing link?
From ape to man, as the Darwinian’s think
Bacteria discovered 250 Million years old,
Alive here in meteorites, from planets untold,

It all makes perfect sense I’m seeing,
The God we seek is an alien being
The story has twisted throughout the years
Which is why all religions point at mystical fears.

New theories now talk of Astro Panspermia,
The process of life by transfer of bacteria,
And where do they now think life comes from?
Well space of course, the final frontier to overcome.


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