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Percy was a hero un-noticed
An example to all of our nation
With the Argies around
He made not a sound
Throughout the entire occupation.

It was time for Percy to head home
And with us he would make the trip.
With nought but the best
He would sail as our guest
And come home with us in our STUFT ship.

So we fitted Percy with a lifejacket
For the journey back out to our vessel.
And we got him afloat
In our liberty boat
And found him a warm place to nestle.

Cold Percy sat on the boat’s engine
All eager to repatriate
But a rubbery smell
Told us all was not well
As poor Percy began to deflate.

For Perce was an inflatable penguin
And though his proportions were manly
You must take my word
Perc was the only bird
That went down on me in Port Stanley.

© Brian Keith Bilverstone 2007


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