A wasp with a tale

by | Jun 27, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Why was I born a wasp,
What purpose do I serve ?
All human’s try to kill me
I’d say they’ve got some nerve

What have I ever done to them,
Why panic do I bring ?
I’d never do them any harm
Apart from the ‘ odd sting ‘

Men treat me like a ‘ Hoodie ‘
Protect their kids and wives
I do not mug old people
And do not carry knives

Why are they all so frightened
Of a little thing like me ?
I’m very thin and stripy
Not like those big old bee’s

Maybe ‘cause I’m silent
Till I get near their ears
Then they hear the buzzing
That brings out all their fears

‘ A wasp ‘ a wasp ‘ I hear them scream
As they all run away
Knocking over tables
And falling over trays

Such power over them I hold
For such a little creature
My Cousin ‘ Hornet ‘ taught me well
He was a nasty teacher

Human’s look so funny
Hands flapping in the air
Running round in circles
And pulling out their hair

Those big hard ‘ Macho ‘ men
Who like to pick a fight
Run a mile from little me
Paralyzed with fright

So the moral of this story
Be you wasp or whale
It’s not the size that matters
But the ‘ sting inside your tale ‘


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