A Winter Walk

by | Feb 6, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

It’s early morning in December
A chill wind fills the air
As we stroll through the countryside
Without worry or care
For this is the Ramblers paradise
As we stroll along side by side
And a Rabbit dashes for cover
From the predators to hide
And there in the hedgerow
A wily Fox we espy
Vanishing into the undergrowth
Whilst we’re passing by
The sun has not yet risen
As we were out with the dawn
The time for Nature lovers
To see the best of the morn
The frost in the treetops
Like a silvery gown
And as the birds flutter in the trees
Causing particles to drift down
On the unsuspecting travellers
Who are walking below
Sometimes the fall is heavy
Giving a semblance of snow
There are horses in the field now
And may have been there for days
Searching the frosty landscape
For some fresh grass where they may graze
Although it’s early on Sunday
Some folk still have a daily chore
To round up the Dairy herd
For the Milking shed once more
Then onward we walk now
In the early morning mist
Never knowing what we might see next
To add to an ever-growing list
Of the wonders of Nature
On which people write and talk
And today we’re the lucky one’s to see them
On our Sunday morning Winter Walk


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