A wintry day

by | Apr 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

At the window I stand and stare
The clouds go drifting by
As I look to the far horizon
In an ever darkening sky
Where the sun has left just a tinge of gold
From a day that has come to it’s end
Without the sight of a rainbow
Though rain it did descend
But sunshine found a time to glow
When hope was nearly gone
Of a break in the squally showers
That forever carried on
Throughout the morn and afternoon
Torrential rain then gaps
Which help to build our hopes
Of sunshine again perhaps
Will tomorrow bring the wind of change
Or shall we see more rain
Is there hope of a break in sight
Are we still in the doldrums again
Forecasts I don’t understand
‘tho the Weatherman seems to know
It’s all about pressures and Isobars
The “Telly” told me so
And now a new day is dawning
As I look to a lightening sky
‘tis said hope springs eternal
The clouds fly fast and high
Which might bring about a change
To the ever constant flow
From the heavens up above us and
Flood this land below
I think I can see some blue in the sky
Clouds they are quick to fade
And disappear in the distance
A beautiful morn’ is displayed
Prayers are now answered
To all of us here below
As a steady stream of Sunbeams
Set a welcome Golden glow.


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