A Woman in a Man’s World

by | Sep 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Day breaks through a peaceful night
A young lady wakes and starts to rise
Stretching and yawning
She wipes the sleep from her eyes

Showered and fresh, she dons her attire
Prepared for a day in the sun
Desert boots, helmet and body armour
Making sure she has her gun

You see this lady she’s a soldier
Strong and brave and true
She’s given up her luxuries
For the sake of me and you

She doesn’t get to have girlie dates
Or talk to her mates all day long
Instead she gets mortared and fired upon
In the midst of a battle throng

She would love to go out for a meal
With her loved one back at home
But she has to settle for thirty minutes a week
To catch up with him on the phone

What she wouldn’t give to get all dressed up
To feel like a female once more
Instead she wears her camouflage kit
And keeps her nails trimmed back to their core

She may not be a front line soldier
But her job’s as important no less
For without the skills and knowledge she has
Her comrades would be in a mess

She supports her fellow soldiers
When things start turning bad
They know they can rely on her
To them she’s one of the lads

She loves her job and works so hard
Sometimes without even a break
Yet she’s still a woman in a mans world
So respect the sacrifices she makes

This lady has earned the right
To stand proud with all the rest
For she forms part of the backbone
That makes our armed forces THE BEST


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