A World Without War

by | May 31, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Why is it that war is so easy to make
But peace is so hard to keep
When politicians are responsible for so many deaths
Tell me, how do they sleep?

When we turn on our TV screens every day
We see the result of decisions made
By the privileged few who are safe in their beds
While by the innocent the true price is paid.

Why is it that life has become so cheap
That we send boys to war and don’t care
Whether they return to us alive or dead
And what they do in our name while they’re there?

Every government must take a share of the blame
For the wars that are fought every day
They need to stop fighting and listen to others
The people must have their say.

Why should we accept that there will always be war
Leaving it to leaders to decide when and where?
When all most people really want is peace
And a world that we all can share.


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