A Worried Mum

by | Mar 6, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Back at home my mum she worries
From home to work then home she scurries
Trying to fill each day some way
Hoping her boy won’t die today

She tells her friends she’s proud of me
She hides her insecurity
She hears the radio “more lads dead”
She drops her cup her heart like lead

Her friends they hold her, wipe her tears
They try to calm her awful fears
And then the news on telly says
It’s not her baby, god be praised!

But in this moment what has she done?
She’s happy another’s lost their son
It’s not the way she meant to think
But such is war its deathly stink

She goes back home that night and prays
She’ll keep her boy for endless days
That god will keep him safe and sound
And back to mum not in the ground

Off to work she goes again
Laughs and jokes with friends the same
But deep inside what you don’t see
Is the terror welling up for me

She wrote a letter to those men
Who send us here time and again
She called them names and said they lied
For their cruel sins they should be tried

She asked them one short question too
Not for me nor for you
She asked these men to join ours sons
In heat, dirt, hatred, fear and guns

The letter back was well designed
With words like pride and humankind
That “we” all honour sons like yours
And appreciate what they endure

And as she read the words out loud
She could not see approaching clouds
Cos as she read those words profound
I now lay dying on the ground


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