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Why are the leaders of the world so inept?
That they continue to allow tyrannies to thrive
Why are they not prepared to take action?
To ensure that thousands starving to death are kept alive

Is it because they appear to be of no value
That their countries are not vital to the world’s economy
There may be other reasons for their inaction
But that is how it appears to me

What are they doing about drug production?
Which destroys so many people’s lives
Columbia continues to export tons of cocaine
The growing of opium poppies in Afghanistan still thrives

In the Sudan people are still dying of starvation
And thousands are being subjected to cruelty
We’ve seen the television reports which confirm this
And our Foreign Minister says it is a tragedy

But why do we allow these things to continue
Knowing it will cause millions to suffer a dire fate
Talking about it will not provide the solution
Action is required before it is too late


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