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My shoulders are damaged in need of repair
I’ll have to try something find someone to care
I make a phone call and speak to a friend
Acupuncture’s worth trying it’s the modern trend
I think for a while ‘til my brain is quite numb
Are the needles my saviour, do I finally succumb
The appointment is made and I finally arrive
At the Pall Mall surgery ,it’s a very short drive
But while I was driving so deep was my thought
About the new treatment I’m about to court
I’m invited to enter by a young lady named Anne
As I sat in the chair the many questions began
Where is the damage what pain are you in
In her earnest endeavour just where to begin
As I sat on the couch my mind is aware
Of the Physio’s fingers swiftly moving with care
Trying to find the source of my pain
To help me raise my arms easily again
My skin the needles are starting to pierce
Placed by hands with professional art
Are my shoulders just a pin cushion
Or is my recovery about to start
To the needles are added a small ‘lectric charge
There’s also some “ultra sonic”
I’m starting to wonder when it all ends
Will my shoulders become “bionic”
For 2 or 3 visits appointments are made
In the hope that the cure I’ve found
The pain in my shoulders has started to fade
Will my shoulders again be quite sound
After one more visit to the surgery
My treatment has come to an end
With “Physio” and Acupuncture
By a Professional Lady, a Friend.


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