Adonis Blue

by | Aug 19, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Though graceful frame no longer floats o’er pugilistic square
Nor leads with lethal jab, in stinging style beyond compare
Such memories are held of Him when skipping ‘round the ring
An image of a sporting god who made our young hearts sing

He danced as if sweet music played, to bob and weave with flair
Opponents shook their heads forlorn, when flailing at fresh air
Olympic legend He became at such an early age
When Rome was in its glory, this Gladiator strode the stage

His given name from slave filled past, did’st cast aside with scorn
A Prophet’s name He donned to last, in good faith as forsworn
He clashed at home with ‘Uncle Tom’ when Nation came to call
Refusing to put up a fight, for cause which did appal

No-one could doubt this ‘brave of heart’
No-one accuse of ‘drafters dodge’ as if He’d planned to dart
He went on to transcend His sport, before the ‘World Wide Web’
His fame did cross o’er boundaries, pre-empted word ‘Celeb’

Hyperbole is used as norm within descriptive phrase of fame
“The Greatest” He declared as was, to prove His ‘tongue in cheek’ refrain
When called once more Olympian in touching ‘Flag of Peace’
Our hearts went out unto this Man, such torment may find sweet release


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