After Dusk

by | May 17, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

As daylight ends and night descends
The time is drawing nigh
It is time to think of the day that has passed
Now that the Moon has appeared in the Sky
And reflect on the things that might have been
Were there things that you might have altered
Or would you like once again to relive those hours
To see if on that journey you faltered
Are you happy to forget just another day
In the passage of the Life you chose
For everyone must have a dream
And dreams come true sometimes I suppose
Life is a mystery to everyone
Nobody knows what may happen tomorrow
A Fortune Teller may hazard a guess
It may well be happiness or sorrow
Then try if you can to enjoy every day
For the hands of the clock of Life won’t turn back
But an abundance of Health and Happiness
Mean more than any finances you may lack
So when you wake up in the morning
And with boldness you can stride
To face the future with a strong resolve
In that great big world outside .


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