After The Storm

by | Oct 13, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

After the storm the sky turned blue
And the wind made waves in the corn
Birds were singing and from the field
Came the sound of a calf being born

The doleful chimes of a distant clock
Were carried to where I now stood
In a meadow filled with flowers
That lead to a glorious wood

Leaning against the bars of a gate
I studied the unfolding scene
Of cows and sheep with frolicking lambs
And trees that were freshly turned green

Entranced by the wonders around me
I felt myself lost and in awe
Forgetting the rain and the chaos
Of the storm that happened before

Too soon I came from my daydream
Too soon I then wended my way
Away from this quiet calm beauty
Which followed the storm that fine day


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