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Stood here together in this land of far off childhood dreams
All our adult dreads and fears now seem to evaporate
And then as the cold dark night air warms to a pleasant wrap,
Despair that has bedecked us like a cloak of evil
Is soon replaced, by the strength of glory of our feats,
For so much wickedness did arise to be mighty slain,
That in the great aftermath of this slaying comes good hope.
Yes! Much shall emerge from the dark valley of the shadows,
To bring forth great love, understanding and such tranquil peace.
Peace, borne high upon the shoulders of young men and women
To offer their coming world, so that their children’s children.
May live in love and harmony in a world so devoid
Of war and killing. To stand together, in God’s own sight.
As night then slips slowly into its inky black recess
And when the flush of pink Sun creeps over the eastern skies
We witness the sight of a new born and wonderful world,
Born and then blessed in the sight of all humanity,
By God the father, God the son and God the holy ghost.

May each one of you walk in peace and kindness, always!


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