All Gave Some, But Some Gave All

by | Jul 11, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Sitting, staring blankly out at this land,

Beyond the corpses and blood-stained land,

A thousand miles of such terrible memories,

Carrying their visions on the sandy breeze,

Lost in sanity of mind to those who fall,

All gave some, but some gave all,

I cannot go on with this awful burden,

It’s time to go now and close the curtain,

No more their faces to haunt my thought,

No more brothers in arms funerals to sort,

I give up the images, to be free from this hell,

Maybe to be reborn in some other parallel,

Who knows for sure, if there’s life after death,

The pain is too great; breathes in a last breath,

Pull it close to me, in embrace like a hug,

It’s a means to an ending, in each little slug,

I close my eyes, now, to bear no more,

This awful torture of the memories abhorred,

And as a last tear runs down my cheek,

I give up my soul, the price of life too steep,

So bury me in a cold black bin bag,

Don’t bother with funeral dress, no toe tag,

No tears and worry not for hiring a hearse,

This is my last letter, my very last verse,

Rest me now and remember my name,

It wasn’t any of you, just this war to blame,

Goodnight my friends, and sleep you well,

Over and out, signing out from this Hell.


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