All Hallows Eve

by | Oct 21, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

On All Hallows Eve the dead shall rise
To walk freely amongst the living
Reaping revenge on all mankind
Being ruthless and unforgiving

Doors will creak, windows will slam
Things will go bump in the night
All the children who go trick or treating
Are sure to get a big fright

Vampires, witches, spooks and ghouls
Are beginning to rise from the dead
If you’re alive, you best lock your doors
And take refuge under your bed

They’ll grind your bones into a powder
Pop your eyeballs into a brew
Then they’ll take your flesh and mince it up
To make sausages out of you

So carve your pumpkin and light the candle
To keep the dead away from your door
Or they will prey upon your soul
So they can live again once more!


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