All in a Day’s work

by | Sep 20, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

We’re hidden here waiting, just waiting
To see if the enemy show.
We know they are there.
Do they know we are here?
Time’s ticking, tick ticking… so slow.

There’s a whoosh and a swoosh
And a crump at the rear.
Suddenly tension
Turns into fear.
A whack and a crack
And we’re up on a run.
Then down again, down again.
Forty yards won.

Once more we’re here waiting, just waiting,
But know we’ve got them in sight.
They’re surrounded
We’ve got ‘em. They know it.
Quite soon, we’ll have them in flight.

There’s a thwack and a smack
As our bullets hit home.
We’ve got ‘em.
They’ve nowhere to roam.
A slide and a glide
And we’ve taken the town.
Adrenaline dropping;
Pressure right down.

Again, we’re here waiting, just waiting.
We’ve done what we set out to do.
Now here comes the boredom,
The kicking our heels… still…
We can always depend on a brew.


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