All safe and secure

by | Apr 1, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

When all the world is fast asleep
My world comes to waking
Thinking what the night may bring
What chances will I be taking
When on Patrol I make my rounds
To check that all is well
The Locks, The Gates The Fences
My instincts warn me well
As I walk the lonely midnight hour
Hoping I won’t find
Something wrongfully amiss
Or mistakenly left behind
Like a satchel , a hammer or wrench
That spells alarm to me
Has there been a break-in
Is someone hiding in nearby tree
All of these thoughts go through my mind
As round the fence I walk
How long will it be before
I meet a colleague to whom I can talk
Perhaps confide in a worry
Or even get them to check with me
The reason that gives me some concern
About the security
Of the patch that I’m patrolling
For weeks night after night
Each night filled with a fervent hope
That I’ll get through the night alright
The hours pass quite quickly
And the dawn is here again
So with a sigh of relief I sign off
Until duty calls again.


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