Alone at Night

by | Nov 29, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Sit if you will and turn out the light
You’re sitting now alone
Think if you can of a Soldier
Similarly on his own
Except for the fact that he’s in a foxhole
In the midst of battle somewhere
Unable to move or look around
As an enemy may spot him there
Vigilance is his password
Not a movement or sound must he make
Just one error of judgement
Could be his fatal mistake
Then after a spell of silence and thought
Now the cloud has covered the moon
He decides to reconnoitre on his stomach
And not many moments to soon
For in the spot where he had lain hidden
An enemy Mortar bomb fell
Whether by luck of misjudgement
It’s impossible to tell
He gathered his senses and slowly moved on
Hopeful that his colleagues he would meet
Or had they suffered a fatal hit
Would this mission end in defeat
Then suddenly he came to a clearing
There was nowhere to move forward and hide
And instinctively knew he had company
His 2 mates were by his side
Time to make a decision
Should they now choose the time to attack
To take out their adversaries in combat
Or capture and take them back
Just then they noticed the glint of a barrel
Followed by repetitive fire
They now had to make their decision
Should they advance or retire
So they strafed the area with automatic fire
And lobbed in some hand grenades too
There was no more response from the enemy
Perhaps their night patrol was through
But just to make sure they moved forward with caution
And what met them was a pitiful sight
Six young rebels lay there as corpses
They’d met there demise this night
But this night was the norm for a British military man
Until such world hostilities cease
For they serve the Flag The Queen & The Country
In a never ending search for Peace


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