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Pearls of sorrow drip slow from my eyes
Like sparkle raindrops from darken skies
Crowded heaviness of deep black clouds
I feel so alone, even in crowds.

What is this barb that impales my heart?
Such deep depression that quickly starts
From where do the pearls of old age fall?
From Hades of hell: From high marbled hall?

Why does my life, in dark furrows run?
To die from love, or perhaps the gun!
Down in the depths of mental sorrow
Vanquishing pain before tomorrow.

Tears of loneliness dampen my bed
And crazy lights burrow through my head
I cuddle the gun my father gave
Before many years he went to his grave.

My years are weary, and very few
Why should I worry at whats brand new
But this I know: It has long been said!
There is no worry, when one is dead.


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