Always the Last to Know.

by | Aug 10, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Here I am, a soldier’s mum
On the outside looking in
Worried, lost, totally confused
Not knowing where I fit in

Not being a wife or girlfriend
I’m always the last to know
What my soldier is doing
Or where he needs to go

He hardly ever speaks these days
Well not to me that is
I’m just his mum, it matters not
It’s not my life, it’s his

I piece together snippets of news
Found out from here and there
Trying to understand it all
No one seems to care

Does anybody realise
How much pain a mum goes through
Always being on the outside
Never knowing what to do

After all, I’m just a mum
That gave birth long ago
To a boy, now turned soldier
It’s why I need to know

Here I am, a soldiers mum
Wondering every day
If my soldier safe and well?
Whilst he is far away


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