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Through many lifetimes we have loved,
In future, present, past
Alone for years, yet not apart,
Together now at last

An early death, my soul-mate’s gone,
I’ve endless years to wait
But soon enough, my time will come,
United with my mate

Passing over isn’t hard,
Be you fat, or thin, or tall
It’s the waiting that is in between
That’s the hardest part of all

Where have you gone, my beautiful wife?
Taken in your prime
Wait for me my darling
They’ll take me, when it’s time

Your mission done, they took you home
My mission, not complete
We choose our lives before we’re born
We stop, we look, we meet

Yes, life without you dearest heart
Is lonely now you’re gone
I’ll join you in a few short years
Forever joined as one

The hollow in your pillow
Your voice inside my head
I feel your presence near me
As I lie alone in bed

I’ll bide my time my darling
‘cause soul-mates never die
I know I’ll join you one day
In our love nest in the sky


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