Am I the one you’re looking for?

by | Jun 7, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Am I the one you’re looking for?.
Yes me, just here outside the door
You don’t need to know my name
I’m the one who gets the blame
When you’re nearing the end of your tether
I get the blame for the terrible weather
When you want to let it out
It’s me who left the washing out
Yes it’s me the low down bum
It’s me who left on floor a crumb
I’m the one who always fails
Yes I did I cut my nails
Wrong thing bought from super store
I’ll go again and try once more
I will put on my shoes and get my jacket
I will try and find the right crisp packet
I will not falter from this task
Just one good word that’s all I ask
When you’re tired and speak rather curt
I know it’s just because you hurt
So every time when I make a gaff
Can we sort it, with a laugh?


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