An Angel came to visit today

by | Feb 27, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

An angel came to visit today
On this day I now know why
I swear I could hear her cry

As I patrolled down the streets
My maker the players did want me to meet
The war was on
A soul was to be moved on

A loud bang and a flash
No time to dash
I end up covered in rubble rash
I cough and splutter
I hope they catch the nutter

As I lay there and look up to the sky
No tears left inside me I cannot cry
My angel she looks down on me
No words are spoken her silence is not broken
Her hand outstretched all warm and glowing
We both are knowing its time to be going

As I rise over the land
Still holding my angels hand
I look down and see…….ME
My mates are a flutter they want to kill some nutter
But I am at peace I feel no hate or urge to go out and hurt

I look into her eyes
This time I do cry
My angel breaks her silence and she asks me why do I cry
I did not get a chance to say goodbye
So that is why I cry

I see the light at the end of the tunnel
I look to my angel
She smiles and let’s go of my hand
This journey is not finished
Walk into the light
And please do not take fright
For you my friend must walk into the light


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