An Exercise Snowqueen Ode ‘Poor Mr. Bellyman’

by | Oct 19, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Poor Mr Bellyman is all in a flap,
He can’t put his skis on his rack rack rack,
He put them on forward and they should have faced back
And they all went to Obijoch going clap clap clap.

They’re wrong! They’re wrong!
They’re much too long
And you can’t put a ski where a ski don’t belong.

He skis down moguls like a bat out of hell.
He shouldn’t do it
And he knows JOLLY WELL!
He’s bent his skis so they are quite flat,
But now they’ll fit on his rack rack rack.

He has a funny friend by the name of Mr. T.
Who doesn’t like langlauf and he gets angry.
When the track gets rough,
He gets tough
And he has a little tantrum
And he says he will not ski.


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