An Illegal War

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

“It’s not our war” I hear you say
“None of our business we should keep away.
Bring our troops home to their Father and Mother
What’s it to us foreigners killing each other”?

“It’s not our country, why should we care?
Most important is here not over there.
Keep to our selves look after our own
What matters to us is what happens at home”.

Where would we be now if they had taken that stance?
When Hitler into Poland chose to advance.
If they had said then, “it’s not our affair”
What would have become of us? Would life still be fair?

Is it not only decent? Is it not only right?
That we should all stand together and fight the good fight.
We must stamp out injustice and defend those in need
Help and protect, whatever colour or creed.

There will be those that that are injured, and scarred in the fight
And sadly there are those that will pay with their life.
Give them the support and respect that is due
They do what they do for me and for you.

So let us give thanks to those in far away lands
Who are flying the flag and making a stand.
They’re fighting oppression and tyranny
Laying their lives on the line so that we might be free.

© Peter Maslak


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