An Ode to The Red Tops

by | Feb 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The location is Suffield, Alberta
The live exercise is Medman
Where troops of the Rhine rehearse for a fight
In that still, yet colourful land.

Gopher, Bald-Eagle, Goshawk and Cougar
Are some just to mention a few
Of the dangerous hours they spend on the block
Longing for skills to improve.

For them it’s nerve racking in the assault
Knowing somewhere, somehow, someone’s at fault
Because eager to fight the boys will debuss
Safety is nothing they wish to discuss.

To save a life, heroics are born
“Go to checkfire”, they look up and scorn
But it’s no’ finished yet, there’s still the fight through
STOP! STOP! STOP! they all wonder who.

Tragedy is something they’ve just got to hack
Back on goes their orange vest for another attack.
Do they really have talk travelling back, of the Sinbin?
No! All that can be heard is the sounds of the engines.

Some remf’s in the bar take offence, think their joyous
“ But openly mourning disnae always become us”.
The next day when the remf’s behind his wee shitty desk
They’re back oot on the prairie riskin’ their necks

Yes they’re back oot on the block come rain or fair weather
Hopin’ the O.C.’s plans will all come together.
With a great sense of achievement they all get a lift
When the template turns green at the end of Rourkes Drift

And if you’ve played this role, stuck to the rules
Down to the last proviso’r
You’ll know just what it is to be



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