An Officer not a Gentleman

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Once upon a time many years ago
As her teens were coming to and end
And though they were times she would rather forget
She wanted to enjoy life rather than pretend
As her early life in a broken home
Perhaps denied of sympathy and care
Which most young ladies will take for granted
But for her the cupboard of love was bare
A pretty lass by any standard
Tho’ shy and a trifle naïve
To know that she longed for male company
Is not too hard to believe
And then one time on an evening out
When she visited the local Fair
There was this tall and elegant Military Officer
And she could not avoid his stare
Was this her Knight in shining armour
Would her romance begin right there
For this young Lass had thoughts of a Military career
Which may have been uppermost on her mind
Could this Young Officer have the key to the door
Beyond which perhaps her future she’d find
They met and talked for hours it seemed
For there seemed Oh! so much to say
As he pledged his everlasting love
Then with sadness she turned and walked away
Whilst travelling home with a heavy heart
Came the tears as she started to weep
And threw herself on the bed, disconsolate
To eventually cry herself to sleep
Days later she realised the error she’s made
And tried contact by telephone
Only to be told by a fellow Officer
That her Beau to War had now gone
As she replaced the phone with a heart that was broken
And once more the torrents of tears
But then wrote the love letters, and prayed for his return
For weeks and then months which turned to years

Then out of the Blue came a phone call
And it was the voice of another female who spoke
He’s mine now so stay away, then he confirmed it
And it was then that the young Lassies heart broke
So deep was the hurt that she suffered that day
To herself she made a solemn vow
No more would there be a Special man in her life
She would live her life on her own now
Time and again the Young Officer tried to contact her
But his calls she would always reject
For the depth of the damage he’d imposed upon this damsel
On a young lady, herself unable to protect
The years then passed and she got on with her lonely life
As now a wise woman of the World was she
And she carried on her career in the City
For from her previous worries she now seemed free
‘til one day whilst walking along on her own
Two men approached and placed a book in her hand
And told her to open it when she was home
Their reasons she would then understand
Then once she was alone in her bedroom
Turned the pages one at a time One then Two then Three
In front of her now was the photo of the Young Officer
Who treated her so dastardly
People may have said he never loved her at all
But just used her as a pawn in his cruel game
She remembered asking him for a Photo as a Memento
Until a dream a dreadful nightmare he became
But now the book has raised a question in her mind
Do I still love him and does he still love me
When I asked the young lady how she knew all these facts
She said “ I know because I am that young lady you see”


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