Angel in disguise

by | Dec 3, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Why do you take those tablets Daddy?
His daughter sweetly asked
Do they stop you getting upset?
When I scare you with my mask

How can he answer his daughter’s questions?
In a way that won’t scare her away
How can he tell her the awful truth?
About why he acts in this way

He looks at his daughter’s beautiful face
As she waits for his reply
Then he kisses her gently and holds her close
Whilst he tries to answer why

When I was a soldier
I was sent to far off places
When I was there my job was to help
Those people from other races

But some of these people didn’t like what I did
So they began to cause trouble and fight
My friends and I had to use bombs and guns
To stop them and make things right

I saw lots of horrible things out there
Too horrible I never can tell
And it’s these memories I have in my head now I’m home
Which make me angry and cause me to yell

The doctor has given me some medicine
To help stop my bad dreams at night
They help me to try and forget those times
When I was sent away to fight

I want you to know my sweetheart
That no matter how much I shout
I love you so much and it’s nothing you’ve done
So you have nothing to worry about

His daughter, she listened in silence
Except for the odd question or two
When he finished she smiled at him
And said “Daddy, I will look after you”

She said, “Daddy from now I will make a noise
To let you know that I’m there
Then you don’t have to get jumpy no more
Because I gave you a scare”

Whenever you get bad dreams at night
I’ll come and give you a hug
My cuddles will take all those bad things away
And my kisses will make you feel good

Her father thanked her and gave her a kiss
Tears now filling his eyes
He knew his daughter would be his salvation
His Angel in disguise


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