Angel of sorrow

by | Feb 27, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

An Angel of sorrow has spread her wings over no mans land
Her tears they fall from the sky
For some men this means that they will die
This is why the angel does cry

The bombs and bullets start to rain down
The angel’s wings they beat to the sound
As the bombs and bullets fall to the ground

The men hide their faces deep down in rain filled holes
They pray out loud for their souls
They are full of despair and see no way out
As they wait for the shout to move on out

They must be brave and face her with pride
For there is nowhere to hide
For they shall be remembered
Through song and verse and a day of remembrance

Over the top the men must go
They are ordered to move upon a whistle blow
The rattle of the guns comes over from the Huns
The men they fall one by one

The screams and horror are all around
No glory on this day is to be found
The Angel of sorrow she weeps more tears
As the men try to use their fears
But they cannot all hide from her tears

She cannot see the use of this war
To set man against man
To fight over a piece of no mans land
So many lives lost and at such a cost
One life too many
Who really does suffer the loss?

The Angel of sorrow is kept so busy
For man will not learn
We are off to war again
Different time and place
Will we not stop until we have wiped out the human race?


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