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An angel came into his life,
with tarnished wings, she was full of strife.
they spoke, they dreamed, they laughed and cried
and gave themselves nowhere to hide.

So close they came, inside their heads,
each knowing the others hopes and dreads
Such understanding of each other,
each longing, hoping, to be a lover

Each knowing well the other’s fears,
the horrors locked inside for years.
The feeling of numbness, of being dead inside
the fear of life passing, not being aboard for the ride.

Coaxing out the darkness, help in healing the pain,
opening boxes in heads, freeing feelings again.
Loves powerful draw, like gravity’s field
One barrier remains, and happiness it will yield.

One barrier, the love of children so pure
No easy tie to break, of that he is sure
The moment arrives; will their dreams all come true?
Innocent lives cant be shattered. He cannot see it through.

And so they try to go on, rewind to the past
so their friendship and laughter forever would last
but the pain, and the longing, they will not subside,
so they part, with him wishing he’d somewhere to hide.

Two lives to be rebuilt, but now at last set free,
Free of the demons that bound them, free now to “be”
To find peace on the inside and love on the out,
so why in he head, does he still want to shout?


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