Angels of Medicine

by | Feb 19, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Sound the alarm
Scramble the MERT*
Emergency rooms stand by
A brave soldier’s been hurt

Chinook is waiting
Ready to fly
Clock is counting
The Golden Hour is nigh

Aware of the dangers
They’ll undoubtedly face
The MERT show no fear
To the Chinook they race

The MERT is now en route
Med kits at hand
To save our brave soldier
From his plight in the sand

Within minutes they’re landing
Our soldier is there
An improvised explosion
This war isn’t fair

The MERT get to work
Efficient and calm
Ensuring our soldier
Comes to no further harm

Then they’re off back to Bastion
To make good his survival
The emergency team’s ready
For our soldier’s arrival

His injuries are critical
They have to work fast
Professional as always
Their skills unsurpassed

They’ve stemmed the bleeding
They can operate now
Our soldier will live
Thanks to their brilliant know how

An amputation
Was required this time
But thank heaven our soldier
Is going to be fine

Our soldier may have lost a limb
But thank God he has his life
And thanks to this dedicated team
He can now head home to his wife

These medics they are heroes
With special healing powers
Angels of medicine
Working incredibly long hours

Thanks to this team
Our soldiers survive
And they should be proud
To stand by their side

No matter where our soldiers may go
These Angels of medicine will be there
Ready as always, determined as ever
They do so because they care!


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