‘Angels of Mons’

by | Apr 9, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Now let their plates be laden with wine and bread
And clean silken sheets of white adorn their bed
Anoint their furrowed brow with blessed oil
For on battlefields of right they justly toil
To safeguard our families; our kith and kin
From those that before God’s eyes do evil sin
Victory the great phantom of such delight
Angels hove before these heroes’ weary sight
Courage arose and all fear was swept by night
In awe before them they saw a gleaming light
Then vengeance, mounted on steed of wings of heel
Bore down upon the foe, with great blade of steel
And he mighty smote them in their evil tasks
So that verily, they skulk beneath their masks
An enemy vanquished in sight of God,
Yet! Leaving many good soul beneath the sod
But Lord be praised; banners now unfurled
We shall march with pride, to face our peaceful world.


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