Angels Song

by | Dec 17, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The angel sat by the Christmas tree
Awaiting the saviours birth
He readied himself to praise the Lord
And to hail the virgin birth
He had practiced for eternity
For this moment of great joy
Like the other seraphim
He would issue in the boy
The boy whose life would change the world
Bring us from the dark
But only those with lightness
Would finally shake off the stark
Realities of the material world
Join the happy throng
That’s why He came with a whisper
Into this world of ours

Then the angel drew a mighty breath
Joined with the others song
Let his hearts joy push forward
Into the planets happy throng
The whisper reached around the world
Building up its speed
Keeping the breath going round and round
Allow the light to breathe

So when you wake in this time of joy
Say ‘Thank you’ for His birth
A show of appreciation that will last throughout the year
For often a whisper in the darkness
Can be as loud as a mighty throng
As long as your heart is open
To the angels gentle song


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