Angels watching over them

by | Aug 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Last night as I lay in bed
Crying in my sleep
An angel came and asked of me
“Dear child, why do you weep?”

I told her how I worry
About our soldiers brave
Of how I wish that they’d come home
Not end up in a grave

I told her of the battles
That each day our soldiers face
Against an evil so terrible
In a far off sandy place

Then the angel turned to me
And said “Please child, dry your tears
For I’ve been sent to comfort you
To take away your fears

You see, we angels we watch over them
Each day and every night
We give them strength to soldier on
We help make wrongs things right

We watch them as they battle
Keep them safe from harm
We watch them as they rest their heads
When everything seems calm

And if the worst should happen
A brave soldier sadly falls
We’ll take their soul to the stars above
To the place where heaven calls

For there are angels everywhere
Taking brave soldiers by the hand
And guiding them through the dangers they face
Keeping them safe as planned

We’ll keep on watching over them
Your loved ones are never alone
And when the day comes for their tour to end
We will see them safely home

So don’t worry for your loved ones
Those soldiers brave and true
For angels are watching over them
And also over you! ”


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