Anger management

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

Nobody is born with an angry mind
It’s something connected with Life
Sometimes brought on by carelessness
And sometimes trouble and strife
As children we are taught the meaning of respect
Treat others as you would wish they treat you
With understanding and compassion
Which will normally see you through
The good times and the bad times
When things seem to be going wrong
You feel the need for a friend by your side
To help you and your mind to stay strong
Tho’ sadly at times help is not at hand
And your own resources seem strained
You feel the anger within yourself
So a sensible balance is therefore maintained
Strength of will, body and mind
All now come into the play
Forming your own anger management team
To keep those Demons away
For I remember when looking back thro’ Life
As a lad so mild and meek
The philosophy so often offered to me
Ignore the Devil and turn the other cheek
Differences can be solved without raising the fist
Or sometimes the threat of a gun
For you are in charge of your destiny
And with help those fears you over-run
So remember next time there’s a sign of anger
Welling within your soul
You are the master of your destiny
In utter and absolute control


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