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Alarm goes off. Something’s wrong, don’t know what
I feel it building, growing, burning hot.
Get out of my way! Don’t drive so slow!
Damn these people! I wish they’d all go!

Each phone call grates,
Each noise a trigger.
Pounding into my head,
Like a mechanical digger.

Jumpy, nervous, feel on edge
Like standing with my toes over a ledge.
Legs twitching, feet tapping all on their own.
Feel hot, sweat pouring. Feel all alone.

Driving home, each red light causing rage.
Now stuck in a jam, taking an age.
Pull onto the drive, a simmering pot
Head ready to burst, anger so hot.

“Daddy’s home “, young voices shout.
A wall of noise pushing my senses about.
House full, and lively with little girl’s clutter
Cant take it! My God… Their Dad is a nutter!

Anger so blinding it’s all I can see.
Took something so trivial, what can it be?
Whatever it was, I’ve gone too far now
Shouting and stomping, causing a row.

Forcing children to cry, their joy turned to dust.
A wife to riposte, her understanding is lost…
The house once happy, now tense and fraught,
He knows he’s the cause, and now feels distraught.

Hides away, where his anger can simmer and seethe,
Now turned on himself, making it harder to breathe.
Cant speak to apologise… The rage stands in the way.
Besides, what words could he possibly say?

The anger subsides, slowly fading from sight.
The house is all quiet, it’s late in the night.
Kisses given to each victim, as they lay in their sleep.
The fear they wont forgive him runs silent and deep.

Such effort it takes to remain in control,
But control is essential to prevent anger’s toll.
He has nothing more precious than the kids and his wife.
He can’t let anger repel them, and ruin his life…


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